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Electra Billing Support

Support for Electra’s integrated workflow-based client fee billing and revenue management solution. Improve the speed and accuracy of invoices, cash flow and client service while reducing risk.

Electra Reconciliation Support

Support for Electra Reconciliation SaaS and Electra Reconciliation On-Premise solutions. Improve efficiency, accuracy and transparency across reconciliation, exception management and the entire post-trade process.

Electra Settlements Support

Support for Electra Settlements, a post-trade automation solution for custodian trade and client notifications, confirmations, affirmations and settlement instructions.

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Keep Up to Date with Real-Time Data Insights

Electra Data Dashboard

Electra Data’s client dashboard provides transparency on data feeds, data sources and accounts, and ticket information for account and feed onboarding.

Want the Dashboard?

The Data Dashboard is an online tool that provides Electra Data users with real-time, detailed information on data feeds, sources and in-progress processes throughout the day to support trading activities, reconciliation processes and client relationships. Its intuitive interface provides users with greater transparency into data flows and the option to expand their access to additional information about the data. See our request information form.

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